### KONBAŞ is the exporter/producer of in TURKEY since 1952 year for; • Metal Crowns Corks for Bottles • Metal Crown Caps for Jars Our Company production with the state of the art technolgy in the Turkish beverage and foodstuff indutries,carries out off-set printing activities for ; • Soft drinks • Beer • Mineral Water • Glass jar ( for Honey-Jam..etc..) Some of our referance companies are : COCA COLA- EFES PILSEN-SPRITE-FANTA for bottles… Closures and all kinds of tins since its incorporation in 1952. Specialized staff members produce with most care,Standart,Short skirt and twist-off beer with Non Pvc seals. Besides bottle caps and T.off caps for Jars Our company also produces standart,button-type and deep skirt twist-off closures for jam,honey,pickles web : www.konbas.com

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